Liturgy Trap

Liturgy Trap

The Bible Versus Mere Tradition in Worship

by James B. Jordan
Publisher: Athanasius Press
3rd Edition, ©2009, ISBN: 9780975391495
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Nowadays we hear all too often that someone or other has decided to leave the Evangelical Christian faith and to join the Church of Rome, or Eastern Orthodoxy, or High Anglicanism. The lure is liturgy and tradition, and since the Evangelical and Reformed churches so often have such poor worship, it is not hard to understand the pull exercised by those churches that have a heritage of formality, sobriety, and beauty.

But the cure is far worse than the disease. The answer to the weaknesses of Evangelicalism is not a turn toward the fallacies and errors of Rome, Orthodoxy, and Anglo-Catholicism, but a return to Biblical patterns of worship.

Just as there is true and false doctrine, so there are true and false worship patterns. In this book, James B. Jordan sorts out the true and false in the area of worship practice, discussing the cult of the saints, the veneration of icons, apostolic succession, virginity and celibacy, the presence of Christ at His Supper, and the doctrine of tradition.

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