Liturgical Bedlam - CD

Liturgical Bedlam - CD

1997 Christ Church Ministerial Conference
by Douglas Wilson, Douglas Jones, Chris Schlect
Publisher: Canon Press
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"That Protestantism in this great Christian realm is down with a wasting disease must be obvious to every amateur of ghostly pathology. One half of it is moving, with slowly accelerating speed, in the direction of the Harlot of the Seven Hills: the other is sliding down into voodooism. The former carries the greater part of Protestant libido. What remains in the middle may be likened to a torso without either brains to think with or legs to dance. . ."
—H. L. Mencken

Examining the state of worship in today's Church, these speakers present a better option than what commonly passes as reverent liturgy. Striking both the fluffiness of modern Evangelicalism and the rigidness of modern Reformed practice, the speakers lay sound foundations for the reverent adoration of the Lord of Hosts.

Messages include (on eleven CDs):

  1. The Happy Clappy Church in Crisis—Douglas Wilson
  2. Spontaneous Combustion: Roots of Spontaneity as Virtue—Douglas Wilson
  3. Fourth Rate Music & Third Rate Lyrics—Roy Atwood
  4. Formal & Informal: Dead or Alive—Douglas Wilson
  5. Liturgy & the Body of Christ—Chris Schlect
  6. Sabbath Celebration—Douglas Jones
  7. The Purpose of Worship—Roy Atwood
  8. The Regulative Principle Critiqued—Douglas Wilson
  9. The Regulative Principle Applied-Douglas Wilson
  10. Images, Idols, & Culture—Douglas Jones
  11. The Heart of Liturgy: The Proclamation of the Word—Douglas Wilson
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