Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge

Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge

by Hildegarde H. Swift, Lynd Ward (Illustrator)
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
60 pages
Price: $8.99

Built in 1880 of cast iron and steel, the "fat and red and jolly" little lighthouse sits on the bank of the Hudson River in New York City. When the great, gray, and powerful George Washington Bridge is built overhead, the little lighthouse feels very, very small. But he soon comes to understand that he is still needed to guide boats through dark and stormy weather.

Lighting up hearts and imaginations since it was first published in 1942, this beloved children's classic has been restored to its original design and—for the first time—includes the recently discovered original watercolor paintings by Lynd Ward.

Based on the story of the Jeffrey's Hook Lighthouse and the George Washington Bridge in New York, both of which still stand on the Hudson River today:

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  The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridg
Caleb Parks of Oklahoma, 6/1/2016
I put three stars because I liked it a little. What I liked is when he got confused when his owner did not make it on time.