Little Red Horse

Little Red Horse

by Ruth Sawyer, Jay Hyde Barnum (Illustrator)
Publisher: Viking Press
©1950, Item: 92999
Hardcover, 109 pages
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This is a story full of sunshine on a Florida island and long days spent at the beach. Michael had never seen the ocean before and at first he was afraid of it. But after a toss in the waves to rescue his beloved Little Red Horse, wading seemed easy. And after wading up to his middle to collect weeds and shells and fishes, swimming seemed inevitable.

There weren't many children on the beach but Michael had Granny, and his friends the Lighthouse Keeper and the mailboat Captain. And, best of all, he had the Little Red Horse, the small, proud, almost Pegasus, who would gallop behind when you weren't looking. And the Little Red Horse had the golden sea horse in Michael's aquarium for his friend. And they all had the waves for their dreams.

Michael learned more than swimming and fishing and the names of the rarest shells; he learned how to lose the thing you least want to part with—and not to mind. And he learned a little about magic as well.

Jay Hyde Barnum has captured the beauty of Michael's island so we can keep it for always. There are many pictures in black and white and four wonderful double spreads in full color.

from the dust jacket

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