Little Mommy

Little Mommy

by Sharon Kane
Publisher: Golden Books
Hardcover, 24 pages
Price: $5.99
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“This is my house and I am the mommy.
My children are Annabelle, Betsy, and Bonnie. . .

I tuck them in bed and sing them a song.
They’ll be asleep before very long.
We Mommies have such a lot to do.
Goodnight dollies, I’m sleepy too.”

This charming book follows the day in the life of a little girl and her friends. She takes very good care of her dolls, no doubt just like her mother does for her. From washing dishes and teaching the alphabet to ironing clothes and making dinner, this little mommy has her hands full with the most wonderful job in the world.

Review by Hadley Payne (nee Ayers)
Hadley was an exemplary employee at Exodus for several years. Full of life and laughter, she is an avid reader who loves both classics and popular literature. Her reviews are clear, helpful and often witty. Check more of them out here.


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