Little Flower Folks

Little Flower Folks

or Stories from Flowerland for the Home and School

by Mara L. Pratt
2020 Reprint, ©1890, Item: 82457
Print-on-demand paperback, 138 pages
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Little Flower Folks is an illustrated botanical book to be used in the home or in school. From the Introduction: "There is in children an innate love for flowers. No one so enthusiastically welcomes the spring-time as do the children - no one else has time to welcome it, to no one else is it all so new and beautiful. Then why not nourish and cultivate this taste of the child for the flower world? Is it not as elevating, as worthy, as refining as the taste for dogs and cats, mice and men to which the ordinary reading book so sedulously caters? Then the flower world is so full of beauty, so full of legend and lyric - and it so free to all of us. Let us in the spring-time when the flowers are waking, and in the autumn when the flowers are closing their bright eyes in sleep, leave our hum-drum reading books and open out this big book of Nature to children - it is their book, it belongs to them because they seem to belong to it, because they understand it, because they love it. Why not bring to them what is their own - why should we, what right have we to keep them from their own."

Contents include chapters on: The Plant; The Root; The Stems; The Leaves; The Flower; Arrangement of Leaves and Flowers; The Fruit; and chapters on specific species. Accompanying the descriptive text are lovely black-and-white drawings. This book gives the reader a nostalgic look-back at a lovely children's book which has stood the test of time for nearly 130 years.

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