Little Child Shall Lead Them

Little Child Shall Lead Them

Hopeful Parenting in a Confused World

by Johann Christoph Arnold
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Trade Paperback, 193 pages
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It has been said that if you seek God, look into the eyes of a child. More than just a saying, this is an important truth. After all, children are in a very real sense divine messengers, and bringing them up to be responsible, caring men and women is a task from God. Our age is reaping the bitter fruits of an unguided, unloved generation. In a hope-filled sequel to his acclaimed first book, A Plea for Purity, Johann Christoph Arnold offers a welcome approach for concerned parents everywhere.

Includes chapters on the unborn child, the first five years, the older child, the transition into adulthood, parenting, when children suffer, the role of grandparents, the pressures of academics and materialism on children, and the need for community. The simple and profound guidelines in this book are rooted in the simple, living Christian tradition of the past, but remain prophetic and profound.

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