Literature Approach to U.S. and World History

Literature Approach to U.S. and World History

From the Civil War to Vietnam

by Rea Berg
3rd Edition, ©2004, Item: 1850
Staplebound, 92 pages
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This study guide features choice literature for this tremendous span of American and world history from the 1860's to the 1970's. Recommended as a two-year course, it is divided into four distinct periods. The study includes a multitude of essential events, political figures, inventions, technological advances, social climates and movements. The guide offers study notes, comprehensive questions, vocabulary and essay questions encouraging the mature student to evaluate and determine the lessons of history; it also includes teacher's notes for the essential literature used in the course.

Students will get to read award winning literature of such masters as Harper Lee, Stephen Crane, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Irene Hunt, Meindert Dejong, Harold Keith, Albert Marrin and others. Web sites, recommended movies and original source materials are also suggested. Three History of US titles by Joy Hakim and four of Clarence Carson's A Basic History of the U. S. volumes are used in the study as background texts or to fill in for the lack of literature.

Highly recommended for the "I love to read" inquisitive student! 

Because of the amount of literature used, we suggest checking the local library for availability. The majority of the books can also be bought separately.

Part I: Civil War, Reconstruction, & the Late 1880s

Part II: Post Reconstruction to the Great War

Part III: The Great Depression through World War II

Part IV: Cold War (Korean War to the Vietnam War)

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  A Literature Approach To U.s. and World History
Lynette Isaak of Oregon, 10/16/2008
The beauty of this study is that excellent literature has been chosen for you and you don't have to wonder if the stories are accurate, interesting or worthwhile. All are great read-alouds for unit study teaching, but the guide is formatted for independent learners as well, leaving mom free to correct math. We definitely had our favorites but there were no books that didn't cover the subject thoroughly and from a Biblical viewpoint which I appreciated. The questions within the study require the student to apply critical thinking and not just deduction. You will learn as much as your students, with the freedom to add or subtract books from your study.