by C. D. Baker
Publisher: Preston Speed
Trade Paperback, 349 pages
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Historical Setting: Philadelphia, 1777 A. D.

A Stirring Novel of the British Occupation of Philadelphia during the American War for Independence . . .

When the British arrive in Philadelphia on the heels of the departing American army, Dr. Archibald Browne is beaten and dragged off to jail for his patriot sympathies. Upon his release, he and his son Thaddeus gain access to the home of Joseph Galloway, who is compiling a list of influential men loyal to the Crown—a list that could endanger the lives of those on it and threaten the future of the young American nation.

A fast-paced, meticulously researched tale, The List brings vividly to life the city and inhabitants of the Philadelphia of 1777—the foolish and the wise, the wary and the willful, the mysterious and the ingenuous. Real people walk its pages—the British General Howe, Joseph Galloway, the American Captain Alan McLane—along with the imaginary ones—Katherine and Archibald Browne, Mary Franks, Major Oliver Crippin, and the inscrutable Running Fox.

While the misery and dangers of war bring turmoil into the lives of Philadelphians—loyalist and patriot alike—the destiny of the new nation hangs on the tip of a quill pen poised above a piece of parchment.

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