Lisette's Angel

Lisette's Angel

by Amy Littlesugar
Publisher: Sun Dial Press
Hardcover, 32 pages
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Lisette lives in Normandy, France, a beautiful little town where "apple trees grow near the sea, and cows give the sweetest milk." But now the boots of German soldiers go click-clack! down the cobblestone streets, and tanks with big guns pierce the sky. Lisette and her family are hungry, cold, and always scared. She prays for an angel to help them. And on a moonlit night full of the roar and furor of planes overhead, she looks to the skies for some sign that the world will be right again.

As seen through a child's eyes, this dramatic, heartfelt story about the 1944 D-day invasion gives poignant expression to the conviction that even in the darkest hours, one can reach out and find a light.

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