Lingua Biblica - Student Book

Lingua Biblica - Student Book

Old Testament Translation Course

by Martin Cothran
Publisher: Memoria Press
Perfectbound, 150 pages
Price: $22.65

Between 382 and 405 A.D., St. Jerome translated the Bible into Latin from the original languages. His goal was an accurate and simple translation. The result was the Latin Vulgate, a version of the Bible that could be read and understood by those who knew “common Latin,” spoken by the people of the time. Because of this, the Latin of the Vulgate provides excellent translation practice for beginning Latin students.

Lingua Biblica: Old Testament Stories in Latinis an exciting new supplementary translation program based on the Vulgate that provides a sampling of Bible story translations and exercises that will fortify any student’s knowledge of Latin vocabulary and grammar. A great companion to theHenleSeriestexts, each lesson includes three levels of study. Level I includes the easiest sentence translations, Level II includes more advanced sentence translations, and Level III includes the entire translation with advanced exercises. So,Lingua Biblicacan be used as a translation program for any level of Latin study.

Based on a high school text used in the 1920s, this program, which includes a Student Book and Teacher Book (answer key), covers the Creation of the World, the Flood, the Story of Joseph, the Crossing of the Red Sea, the Fall of Jericho, and David and Goliath.Lingua Biblicacan be adapted for use by students in any Latin program.

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