Lingua Angelica I - Set

Lingua Angelica I - Set

Christian Latin Reading Course

by Cheryl Lowe
Publisher: Memoria Press
©2001, Item: 3374
Curriculum Bundle
List Price: $54.60 Our Price: $38.23

Lingua Angelica I is an excellent Christian Latin reading and translation course, and a wonderful supplement to Latina Christiana. It introduces your students to translation in a systematic and "do-able" method. And it is designed for all ages so even preschoolers can learn to sing and memorize Latin hymns.

  • The CD contains 4 Latin prayers and 24 Latin hymns beautifully sung by an a capella six-voice Gregorian chant choir.
  • The student book provides facing vocabulary, space for interlinear translation, and grammar word study exercises.
  • In addition to well written instructions on how to use the course, the teacher manual contains a complete copy of the student book with answers to make the teacher's job easier.
  • The song book offers the musical scores and short histories for each piece.
  • Individually, these cost over $50. Buying them as a set saves you over 20%!

Lingua Angelica I is designed for use over several years. All 4 Latin prayers and 12 Latin hymns are covered. The remaining 12 hymns are covered in Lingua Angelica II, which uses the same CD and song book. All you need to buy is a new teacher manual and student book.

Note: This is not a replacement for a Latin grammar course. It is a wonderful translation course for all ages designed to be used along with any Latin grammar course. Of course, Memoria Press recommends their own products. . .

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