Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

by Abraham Lincoln, James Daugherty (Illustrator)
2nd Edition, ©1947, Item: 88000
42 pages
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In November of 1863 President Lincoln's brief address was recorded as an adequate but not a rousing tribute to those who had died on the battlefield of Gettysburg. Its delivery took but a few minutes. The testimony of the passing years has, however, truly elevated this great and noble speech.

Here, in this superb pictorial edition, the phases of the Address are beautifully related in sixteen handsome, double-spread panoramic designs in oil. These are a reflection and interpretation of the spirit and tempo of our American life and history.

On each page appear brief portions of Lincoln's immortal words whose meaning Mr. Daugherty so colorfully portrays. His five-color designs reflect in their brilliance and grandeur the epic greatness and deep spiritual force of this now world-famous Address.

Mr. Daugherty, a student of Lincoln for many years, has written a stirring foreword reiterating the sound principles of peace and good will.

Two other interesting features—the Address appears, as a unit, in a decorative type; and as a facsimile in Lincoln's own handwriting.

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is a deeply American book.

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