Lighted Way

Lighted Way

Publisher: Grace & Truth Books
Unabridged, ©1996, ISBN: 9781583391037
Trade Paperback, 1 page
Price: $7.00

We consider this one of our richest treasures from the 19th century. "The Lighted Way" is well-named, because it's about our Lord Jesus Christ. It includes nine beautiful stories, each of which shed light on who Jesus is, with exceptional insight.

Includes illustrative stories about these names of Jesus:
Christ our Way
Bread of Life
The Light
The Good Shepherd
The Door
Fountain of Life
The True Vine
Our Life
....and a final chapter on Christ the Friend of Little Children.

Reprinted from an 1800's American Tract Society edition. Outstanding for family reading, especially to ages 10 and under, but the whole family can deeply enjoy this priceless volume.

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