Lifepac: Spanish I - Book 9

Lifepac: Spanish I - Book 9


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Has your child always wanted to learn Spanish? Are you looking for a curriculum that will make teaching Spanish easy and stress-free? At Alpha Omega Publications, we have just what you're looking for! LIFEPAC Spanish I Unit 9 Worktext is an engaging, self-paced booklet designed to integrate reading, writing, and speaking Spanish! This brightly illustrated, consumable worktext for 9th-12th grade students focuses on vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. Topics in this Alpha Omega curriculum include vocabulary related a typical Hispanic town, more conversation practice, indirect object pronouns, double object pronouns, prepositional pronouns, comprehension, and much more.

At Alpha Omega Publications, we know that teaching a foreign language isn't easy, but we've tried to make it a bit easier! Come take a look at all the features that we've included in our homeschool Spanish course! The LIFEPAC Spanish I Unit 9 Worktext—the ninth in a ten-part series—is filled with activities that are designed to encourage mastery of the Spanish language. Unlike traditional, bulky textbooks, this lightweight, single-unit worktext takes only three to four weeks to complete, giving your student a great sense of accomplishment with the completion of each one. The LIFEPAC Spanish worktexts promote mastery of concepts through regular review of learned concepts, listening exercises (CD sold separately), and assessment of student progress through quizzes and unit tests. Let us take the worry out of teaching Spanish to your teenager!

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