Lifepac: Spanish I - Book 6

Lifepac: Spanish I - Book 6

In the Restaurant

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Most high school students are required to earn world language credits for graduation. But how can a homeschool parent without foreign language skills teach this necessary elective? At Alpha Omega Publications, we want to help! LIFEPAC Spanish I Unit 6 Worktext is an engaging, self-paced booklet designed to integrate reading, writing, and speaking Spanish. This colorful elective worktext for 9th-12th grade students focuses on vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. Topics in this Alpha Omega curriculum include food and restaurant related vocabulary, conversational Spanish, irregular verbs, idioms, the geography of South America, numbers from 100-1,000,000, and much more.

But we didn't stop there! Even more helpful features make this practical, easy-to-follow curriculum a favorite among homeschoolers. The LIFEPAC Spanish I Unit 6 Worktext—part six in a ten-part series—is filled with activities that are sure to encourage mastery of the Spanish language. Compact and portable, this consumable Alpha Omega curriculum takes only three to four weeks to complete, giving your student a great sense of accomplishment with the completion of each one. The LIFEPAC Spanish worktexts promote mastery of concepts through regular review of learned concepts, listening exercises (CD sold separately), and assessment of student progress through quizzes and unit tests.

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