Lifepac: Spanish I - 10-Unit Set

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Are you enjoying teaching LIFEPAC Spanish I, but feel like you could use a little help? Are you looking for some additional learning activities to reinforce what your child is learning? There's no need to keep teaching blindly! All you need is the LIFEPAC Spanish I Teacher's Guide from Alpha Omega Publications! This step-by-step, time-saving teacher's guide has everything you need to successfully implement the LIFEPAC Spanish I homeschool elective course. This must-have, easy-to-understand, soft-cover teacher's guide is filled with resources like a LIFEPAC curriculum overview, a weekly lesson planner, a curriculum management section, complete answer keys, and alternate tests for each unit. Save yourself major time and frustration with this easy-to-use resource!

But there's much more to love about the LIFEPAC Spanish I Teacher's Guide. Almost 300 pages in length, this great Alpha Omega curriculum resource also includes more than four hours worth of listening activities included on the audio CDs (sold separately), detailed teaching strategies, and suggested time frames. In addition, it's also chock-full of useful comprehension and review activities for each unit and section! The guesswork is gone! With the LIFEPAC Spanish I Teacher's Guide, you'll have everything you need to teach Spanish I with confidence!

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