Lifepac: Family & Consumer Science Unit 8

Lifepac: Family & Consumer Science Unit 8

Financial Freedom

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Applying Christian values and principles to everyday life is a challenge that faces all of us. And few topics are more important than the study of personal finance and financial freedom. At Alpha Omega Publications, we want to help you teach your student how to apply biblical principles to this aspect of the Christian life. Practical and relevant, LIFEPAC Family & Consumer Science Unit 8 Worktext is an engaging, self-paced booklet designed to blend the spiritual with the practical! This easy-to-follow Alpha Omega curriculum, designed for middle and high school students, focuses on the topic of finances. Specific topics include getting a job, the job application, the resume, the interview, personal recordkeeping, banking, investments, budgeting, insurance, income tax, bills of sale, wills, living wills, durable power of attorney, leases, and purchasing and owning a car.

But all this great content is just the beginning! There's a whole lot more! The LIFEPAC Family & Consumer Science Unit 8 Worktext—part eight in a ten-part series—can be used as an independent topical study or as part of a complete home economics program. Compact and portable, each of these affordable, consumable worktexts takes only three to four weeks to complete, giving your student a great sense of accomplishment with the completion of each one. LIFEPAC curriculum encourages mastery of concepts through colorful, text-based lessons, regular review of learned concepts, projects and essays, and assessment of student progress through quizzes and unit tests.

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