Lifepac: Bible 2 - Book 2

Lifepac: Bible 2 - Book 2

The Story of Moses

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s there anything more important than teaching your children to know and love the Scriptures? Are you looking for a curriculum that will help you do just that? Why not try LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Bible Unit 2 Worktext? Using lessons from the life of Moses, this child-friendly, consumable workbook, the second in a ten-part series, will impress upon your second grade student many important biblical truths. Your child will learn about Moses in Egypt, Moses in the desert, and how God and Moses talked to each other. Real-life application of these important biblical principles is encouraged throughout each lesson. Doesn't it sound great?

But that's just the beginning! The LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Bible Unit 2 Worktext contains content which is sure to please both you and your young student. Biblically-based lessons utilizing the King James Version of the Bible, come chockfull of colorful illustrations and a wide variety of oral and written exercises. Assessment of student progress is a breeze too with regular self tests and a unit test. And since each small worktext in this Alpha Omega curriculum series can be completed in as little as three to four weeks, your child will experience a great sense of accomplishment every time he finishes one.

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