Lifepac: Bible 11 - Book 8

Lifepac: Bible 11 - Book 8

The Pursuit of Happiness

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Every teenager wants to be happy, but peer pressure can push him to find happiness in secular pursuits apart from God. Wish you had a homeschool teaching resource to show your child how to find Christ-centered happiness and joy? Now you do with the LIFEPAC Bible Doctrine Unit 8 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications! This easy-to-understand KJV Bible curriculum uses the story of Solomon to explain just what happiness is, and what it isn't. This eighth in a series of ten Bible worktexts explains Solomon's search, his splendor, his sin, God's solution and action, and finally Solomon's response. Full-color illustrations, easy-to-understand explanations, and interesting activities will keep your child intrigued as he learns from the example of Solomon—a man who had it all before realizing where true happiness is found!

There's more! Designed for self-paced, student-directed instruction, the LIFEPAC Bible Doctrine Unit 8 Worktext uses mastery learning techniques to build concept on concept. Plus section review, self tests, and a removable, teacher-administered test are included in this Alpha Omega curriculum to reinforce your child's understanding and comprehension. Teach your child the truth, and eliminate the myth that happiness is found in partaking of the world's pleasures.

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