Lifepac: Bible 11 - Book 7

Lifepac: Bible 11 - Book 7

Friendship, Dating, and Marriage

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Dealing with your teen's anxiety over friendships, dating, and marriage? Now you can provide godly, Bible-based answers to all his questions with the LIFEPAC Bible Doctrine Unit 7 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications. This easy-to-understand Alpha Omega curriculum takes your child step-by-step through the hows and whys of Christian relationships and clearly outlines God's perspective on friendship, dating, and marriage with King James Version scriptures. Captivating illustrations and creative activities in this seventh in a series of ten consumable worktexts highlight topics such as the responsibilities in friendship, the difficulties and possibilities in dating, the purpose and structure of a Christian marriage, and more!

That's not all! The LIFEPAC Bible Doctrine Unit 7 Worktext is slim, compact, and portable to allow your child the flexibility to study on the go. Plus the self-paced lessons in this Alpha Omega curriculum are student directed and can be completed in as little as three to four weeks. And what homeschooling parent doesn't appreciate reviews, self tests, and a teacher-administered test to verify that their child is retaining the information he has learned? Don't let your teen spend another day with unanswered questions about Christian relationships, dating, and marriage.

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