Lifepac: Bible 11 - Book 6

Lifepac: Bible 11 - Book 6

The History of the Canon

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Is your child questioning why the Bible is the Word of God? Is he asking why and how the books of the Bible were chosen? The prospect of answering these questions can intimidate any homeschool parent, but not any longer! With the LIFEPAC Bible Doctrine Unit 6 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications, you can take your child step by step through the hows and whys of the history of the canon with ease! Appealing illustrations and engaging activities present the history of the Bible in an easy-to-understand style in this consumable, worktext curriculum. Using scriptures in the King James Version and an organized, concept-on-concept mastery learning approach, topics discussed include the authority, revelation , inspiration, illumination, interpretation, and formation of the Bible. Plus reviews, self tests, and one teacher-administered test will solidify your child's understanding of these important concepts.

There are many more features that make the LIFEPAC Bible Doctrine Unit 6 Worktext so popular! Here are just a few. It's ultra slim, light weight, and easy to handle for independent learners who like to study on the go. Not only that, wide margins and well-formatted text in this Alpha Omega curriculum allows your child plenty of room for writing notes, ideas, questions, and spiritual discoveries. Now's the time to give your child a clear understanding of the history of the Christian church's canon.

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