Lifepac: Bible 11 - Book 3

Lifepac: Bible 11 - Book 3

Romans: Part Two

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Are you interested in taking your student into a deeper study on the Book of Romans? Do you want to teach him about the chosen of God, service and submission, and the ultimate victory of salvation? Alpha Omega Publications has the perfect homeschool curriculum for you: the LIFEPAC Bible Doctrine Unit 3 Worktext! Using the King James Version, this compact, consumable worktext contains easy-to-follow lessons, appealing illustrations, and interesting activities that lead your child into a more complete understanding of Christian living concepts found in Romans.

Let's take a closer look at the LIFEPAC Bible Doctrine Unit 3 Worktext! Designed to be self-paced and student directed, this third in a series of ten Bible worktexts allows your child flexibility in completing his lessons. Plus mastery learning techniques in this Alpha Omega curriculum include reviews and self tests that reinforce student comprehension and retention. And best of all, engaging lessons motivate your child toward the next step as they build concept upon concept. You'll be amazed at your child's confidence level as he easily completes Unit 3 in as little as three to four weeks.

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