Lifepac: Bible 11 - Book 1

Lifepac: Bible 11 - Book 1

The Faithfulness of God

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Are you looking for just the right homeschool curriculum to teach your eleventh grader about God and His faithfulness? Here's the perfect solution: the LIFEPAC Bible Doctrine Unit 1 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications. This consumable, workbook-style curriculum uses easy-to-understand lessons with KJV verses to show the nature, affirmation, manifestations, and implications of God's faithfulness. Bright illustrations, colorful maps, and interesting demonstrations will keep your teen engrossed in this study. Plus the self-paced lessons and activities in this Alpha Omega curriculum will aid in building a Christian worldview as he applies biblical principles to life.

That's not all! Unlike a traditional Bible textbook, the LIFEPAC Bible Doctrine Unit 1 Worktext is ultra-slim and easy-to-handle. Your child can write notes directly into the worktext; and since its manageable size makes it conveniently portable, this worktext can be studied anytime, anywhere! In addition, the LIFEPAC Bible Doctrine Unit 1 Worktext is designed to build knowledge concept on concept using mastery learning techniques. Integrated reviews and self tests solidify student comprehension, and your child will love the great sense of accomplishment he receives when completing Unit 1 in only three to four weeks.

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