Lifepac: Art - Book 9

Lifepac: Art - Book 9


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Teaching your homeschool student calligraphy is easy with the LIFEPAC Art Unit 9 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications! This colorfully illustrated art elective, for grades 7-12, offers your student a clear, easy-to-understand study of calligraphy and the techniques used to create this beautiful art form. Lesson topics include proper positioning, Roman and Celtic alphabet, layout and design spacing, and more! Fun-to-do, hands-on activities are added to improve your student's understanding of lesson concepts! Plus, helpful, step-by-step illustrations help explain how to create letter formations. And there are even blank pages left conveniently throughout the text for your student to practice sketching! Sounds perfect, doesn't it? This ninth in a series of ten art curriculum worktexts also comes with a wide variety of question formats, bolded vocabulary terms, and a handy glossary of term definitions.

Hold on—that's not all! The LIFEPAC Art Unit 9 Worktext also comes with flexible, student-directed lessons that allow time for fun, personalized instruction! And this thin, light worktext is extremely easy to write in and takes only three to four weeks to complete. You're student will definitely smile when you tell him that. Best of all, this handy Alpha Omega curriculum includes consistent reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test all right inside the text—making testing your student easier than ever. How convenient is that? So if you've always wanted to teach your student calligraphy with a fun, easy-to-do art elective, the LIFEPAC Art Unit 9 Worktext is the perfect choice!

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