Lifepac: Art - Book 6

Lifepac: Art - Book 6


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Looking for an interesting, colorful art curriculum? Ready to teach your student about the important art technique of sculpture? You've come to the right place. The LIFEPAC Art Unit 6 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications has just what you need! This consumable art elective worktext for grades 7-12 presents a fun, in-depth look at 3-D sculpture art. Informative lessons cover the three forms of sculpture, the four methods of sculpture, along with modeling, casting, and carving. And comprehensive topics include everything from construction and wire sculpture to materials and elements of design! This colorful, informative worktext also has helpful illustrations and concept-building, hands-on activities. This sixth in a series of ten art curriculum worktexts also comes with flexible, self-paced lessons that allow your student to work independently at his own pace.

Doesn't that sound good? There's more too. The LIFEPAC Art Unit 6 Worktext includes bolded vocabulary terms and a glossary to help build your student's understanding of art terms! Plus, this ultra-thin, easy-to-handle worktext takes only three to four weeks to complete—you won't hear any grumbling from your student about that. And now for the best part! This handy Alpha Omega curriculum includes consistent reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test right inside the text to ensure your student is really grasping lesson concepts. Isn't that wonderfully convenient? So don't wait. Let your student discover the amazing world of sculpture with the LIFEPAC Art Unit 6 Worktext!

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