Lifepac: Art - Book 10

Lifepac: Art - Book 10

Art Appreciation

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Giving your student an appreciation for art is an essential element of homeschooling. Are you missing this important element in your student's courses? Then you need to add the LIFEPAC Art Unit 10 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications! This colorfully illustrated art elective, for grades 7-12, offers your student a comprehensive examination of art appreciation. Interesting lesson topics cover the purpose of art, recent art movements and styles, and a review of various art forms. Helpful graphics are also included to help your student understand the difference among various time periods, and artists' styles. Your student will also learn how to identify various architecture styles too! This tenth in a series of ten art curriculum worktexts also comes with a wide variety of question formats, bolded vocabulary terms, and a handy glossary of term definitions.

Guess what? There's more too. The LIFEPAC Art Unit 10 Worktext also comes with flexible, student-directed lessons that allow your student to work independently—great for homeschooling families with more than one child! Here's more good news. This ultra-slim, easy-to-carry worktext takes only three to four weeks to complete. Now that's sure to make your student smile. And the best news of all is that this handy Alpha Omega curriculum includes consistent reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test all right inside the text—making charting your student's progress quick and easy. How great is that? So if you want to give your student a true appreciation for art, the LIFEPAC Art Unit 10 Worktext is your answer!

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