Lifepac: Art - Book 1

Lifepac: Art - Book 1

Concepts in Design

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Ready to teach your homeschool student the basics of art and design? Hunting for a colorful, engaging curriculum to teach him with? Stop looking. You just found what you've been looking for—the LIFEPAC Art Unit 1 Worktext! Made for 7-12 grade students, this enriching, fun-to-do elective worktext will help your student learn art fundamentals by studying the element of design principles and composition. Filled with informative, step-by-step lessons, this consumable elective covers lines, textures, color, shape, balance, space, movement, and much more! There are even convenient artwork spaces created in each lesson for your student to practice techniques. How's that for handy? In addition, this first in a series of ten art curriculum worktexts comes with eye-catching illustrations, easy-to-follow directions, and flexible, student-paced lessons!

And it doesn't stop there. The LIFEPAC Art Unit 1 Worktext also has a wide variety of question formats to test and build your student's understanding too! And if your child is often un-motivated to learn out of large, over-sized textbooks, he'll jump for joy when you hand him this slim, motivating worktext which only takes three to four weeks to complete! Best of all, this best-selling Alpha Omega curriculum uses mastery learning techniques like consistent reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test to ensure your student really remembers art concepts.

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