Lifepac: Accounting - Boxed Set

Lifepac: Accounting - Boxed Set

LIFEPAC Electives
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key
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This is a comprehensive basic accounting course. It is easy to follow, has excellent illustrations, good practice problems and an easy testing/grading format. This course is set up well for a parent or teacher to monitor and direct. The tests are included in the books, but meant to be removed for safekeeping, and the course comes with a teacher guide, complete with answers to the practice problems and test keys. The explanation of the payroll system is especially good. This course also could be used as training for a bookkeeping position or to maintain the books of your own small business.

Either this course or Practical Accounting Fundamentals are roughly equivalent to a first basic accounting principles class at community college and might be helpful for a student to take in preparation for attending college in pursuit of a business degree. However, if you are going to college anyway, there may be little point in taking one of these courses, as you get much of the same material in your first accounting class.

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