Lifepac: Accounting - Book 9

Lifepac: Accounting - Book 9

Payroll Accounting, Taxes, & Reports

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Is your homeschool student about to get his first job? Do you want to teach him how payroll taxes are calculated and how employers report their taxes? If so, Alpha Omega Publications has the perfect elective worktext for you to teach. It's the LIFEPAC Accounting Unit 9 Worktext for grades 7-12! Using this easy-to-follow elective worktext, your student will receive a complete review of payroll accounting, taxes, and reports. Informative topics include analyzing and recording payroll transactions, determining employer payroll taxes, studying FICA and state taxes, and preparing payroll tax reports! Complete with clear, fool-proof directions, this applicable elective worktext will help your student learn necessary, practical lessons he'll use in the future. This ninth in a series of ten math-based curriculum worktexts comes with various payroll exercises, self-paced, confidence-building lessons, and integrated subject material!

Curious what else is included? The LIFEPAC Accounting Unit 9 Worktext also has interesting, diverse question formats like multiple choice, true and false, and complete the answer. Plus, this thin, easy-to-write-in Alpha Omega curriculum will motivate your student to complete lessons—giving him a sense of achievement! You sure can't say that about other bulky, oversized math textbooks. And because your homeschooler can finish this worktext in three to four weeks, he'll feel like he is really progressing! Most importantly, this LIFEPAC worktext has consistent reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test to reinforce and solidify student comprehension!

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