Life of Fred: Chemistry

Life of Fred: Chemistry

by Stanley F. Schmidt
Hardcover, 240 pages
Price: $39.00

In a single lecture hour Fred...

  • Finds the weight of a helium atom using ordinary high school chem lab equipment
  • Determines the value of absolute zero (-273o C) using ordinary high school chem lab equipment
  • Creates the periodic table of the elements step-by-step
  • Explains why both Mn 2+ and Mn 3+ exist
  • Supervises student lab experiments
  • Completes a whole year of high school chem

This book covers one year of high-school chemistry.

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  Life of Fred: Chemistry
Noah W. of Hillsboro, OR, 8/22/2016
Life of Fred: Chemistry presents the mysteries of chemistry in an easy-to-read, engaging fashion. Possibly the only storybook chemistry textbook that exists, It follows Fred as he winds up teaching a chemistry class. I think the fashion in which the book is written makes it easier to learn (for instance, I remember what a mole is because the author calculates how a mole of jelly beans would make a cube over 361 miles on each side). I would recommend this textbook to any young beginning chemist.