Letter from a Christian Citizen

Letter from a Christian Citizen

A Response to Letter to a Christian Nation

by Douglas Wilson
Trade Paperback, 111 pages
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Sam Harris' first book, The End of Faith brought him notoriety by making a case against God and formal religion. Published in 2004, it was a New York Times bestseller, generating plenty of discussion and demonstrating that the public is quite interested in a national conversation on religion. Letter to a Christian Nation, published in September 2006, was written in response to the many letters he received. In anticipating Christian responses to his newer book, Harris ups the ante, saying: "It seems to me that they will either have to demonstrate where my arguments fail, or they will have to relinquish many of their religious beliefs. As I say in my book, one of us really must be wrong." Doug Wilson attempts that demonstration and agrees on the stakes: "I appreciate the fact that Sam is so honest about the implications of our respective positions. If what he believes is true, then I've wasted a lot of time. Most of my life, in fact. If he's wrong, he's wasting all of his."

In this short volume, Wilson brings his trademark sense of humor and wit to a dialog that can be known for its shrillness and anger. But its goal is a serious one: to deliver the other half of the dialog on the same national scale as Harris' book and provide a model apologetic for Christians, taking the arguments head on and refusing to back down.

"Douglas Wilson has done the near impossible. He made me glad that Sam Harris wrote his anti-God tract because it provided an occasion for Doug to write such a literate, compelling, and engaging response. I hope Bible study groups and Sunday school classes across the country set aside their normal lessons for a few weeks and gather together to study and discuss Wilson's Letter from a Christian Citizen."
Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D. Director, Master of Arts Program in Christian Apologetics
Biola University, La Mirada, California
"Douglas Wilson has written a book that can give Christians a place to stand in regard to Sam Harris' book Letter to a Christian Nation. The primary usefulness of Wilson's book is that it gives readers a point-by-point response to the arguments advanced by Harris in an engaging and compelling way."
Dr. Leland Ryken
Professor of English at Wheaton College
"In the interaction between Doug Wilson and Sam Harris, one of them is wrong and one is right. If you can't figure it out after reading this exchange, you never will."
Hanna Rosin
Washington Post staff writer & contributing editor, The Atlantic Monthly

Press Release

Table of Contents:

    Foreword by Gary DeMar

    Dear Mr. Harris
    A Trout in the Punchbowl
    Playing to the Cheap Seats
    So What's Wrong with Tin Foil Ice Cream?
    The Great Jacuzzi of Consumerism
    Any Reason He Should?
    God's Fastball, High and Inside
    Kerosene the Whole Ant Hill
    All Over Tarnation
    What Color are your Arguments?
    You tell me that it's evolution; Well, You Know...
    Let the Dialogue Begin!
    The Ultimate Story

    Ten Books I Recommend
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