Let Us Make Man

Let Us Make Man

by Linleigh J. Roberts
Trade Paperback, 168 pages
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Written out of a deep personal concern to make doctrine understandable, Linleigh Roberts shows how the biblical teaching on man serves as a gateway into the entire Christian message. Let Us Make Man is a fresh, biblical study of the nature of man -- as God made him, as sin has marred him, and as God graciously remakes him through Christ. Man was made for God, to love and serve him. Created in God's image, man has distorted it by his sin. Unmasking our false attempts to solve or avoid our sin problem, Linleigh Roberts shows how the Christian gospel alone provides the forgiveness and freedom man needs.

Let Us Make Man explains how Jesus Christ, as man's prophet, priest and king, remedies our fallen condition. It shows the effect of Christ's work in our homes, churches, and in the world in general. Here is truth that is practical, which will lead its readers to the practice of the truth. - Back cover.

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