Lessons in Responsibility for Boys Level 1

Lessons in Responsibility for Boys Level 1

Christian Gentleman's Series
Publisher: Pearables
Softcover book, 144 pages
Current Retail Price: $18.95

Many parents want to teach train their boys to be virtuous and self-sufficient, but aren't sure how because they were never taught themselves. The two books in the Lessons in Responsibility for Boys from Pearables are designed to aid this task by teaching everything from personal hygiene to developing a daily routine. While there is encouragement toward virtuous living here, unlike most Pearables materials the emphasis is primarily practical, guiding boys toward manhood and its obligations.

Each book is divided into 30 weekly lessons, with two pages of text to be read aloud by the parent, tasks to perform, and a coloring page. Each chapter demonstrates a virtue (like faithfulness, or gentlemanly behavior) through hands-on activities that require putting it into practice. Boys learn how to dress appropriately for a given situation, the best way to accomplish basic chores and yardwork, organizational methods for ordering their time, taking care of personal possessions, and much more.

Self-sacrifice is encouraged throughout both texts, and taking care of oneself is always presented in the context of taking care of others and pleasing God in every aspect of life. Charts help boys stay focused and mark progress, and because pages are reproducible you can use these with each of your sons. Be aware—most conscientious parents will teach the things in these books to their sons naturally in the course of daily life. But if you need help focusing your practical instruction, or were never really trained yourself,Lessons in Responsibility for Boyscan be helpful.

Table of Contents:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Responsibility Through Love
  3. Responsibility and Your Stuff
  4. Responsibility and Your Bed
  5. Responsibility and Your Morning Routine
  6. Responsibility and Your Siblings
  7. Responsibility & Your Sister
  8. Responsibility & Your Parents
  9. Responsibility & Your Friends
  10. Responsibility & Your Mind
  11. What You Put Into Your Mind
  12. Responsibility & the TV
  13. Responsibility & Video Games
  14. Responsibility & Money
  15. Responsibility & Handling Money
  16. Loving God With ALL Your Strength
  17. Responsibility & Your Physical Body
  18. Taking Care of Your Temple
  19. Keeping Your Body Clean
  20. Keeping Your Body Groomed
  21. What You Put Into Your Body
  22. Exercising God's Temple
  23. Helping Others With Your Strength
  24. Responsibility & Your Chores
  25. Responsibility & Home Maintenance
  26. Responsibility & Getting Enough Rest
  27. Loving God with ALL our SOUL
  28. Responsibility & Your Relationship With God
  29. Responsibility & Having a Thankful Spirit
  30. Review of the Responsibilities You Have Learned
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