Lessons from Nature

Lessons from Nature

Poems for Boys and Girls

by John Bunyan
Hardcover, 124 pages
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Jesus used the lily of the field and the tiny mustard seed to illustrate spiritual concepts. John Bunyan, the great author of Pilgrim's Progress, also used object lessons to teach spiritual concepts (a fig tree, an egg, a rosebush, birds, butterflies, insects, horses, fish, frogs, a mole, a sunrise, and a snail). He transforms ordinary items (a candle, a fire, a loaf of bread, a watch, a mirror) into emblems of truth. Bunyan exposes man's sinful nature (disobedience, over-much niceness, greed, pride, laziness). In unforgettable ways, he contrasts the love of Christ with the deception of the evil one.

The lessons taught in this classic collection are not restricted to young children, but also address "boys with beards and girls that be big as old women."

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