Leo the Lightning Bug with Dramatized Audio CD

Leo the Lightning Bug with Dramatized Audio CD

by Eric Drachman, James Muscarello (Illustrator)
Publisher: Kidwick Books
Hardcover, 32 pages
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Not only is Leo "the littlest lightning bug of all," but he can't make his light yet, either! To make matters worse, Larry, Lester and Louise laugh at little Leo's efforts. Hiding in a dark cave, Leo remembers his mom's advice: "...time and practice..." With renewed determination, Leo plunges into a raging storm and, believing that he made the lightning, he quickly masters his very own light. Leo is transformed by his newfound confidence. He laughs at himself, plays with the others, and enjoys a good night's sleep!

Children will identify with Leo and grasp the importance of believing in themselves (not a bad lesson for parents, too!)

The companion "Book-on-CD" will transport you and your child into Leo's world with sound effects and wonderful performances by children and adults. The dramatic story-telling is narrated by the author and features five year old Benjamin Drachman as Leo. (Audible page turns help your children follow along as they learn to read.)

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