Legend of El Dorado

Legend of El Dorado

by Beatriz Vidal, Beatriz Vidal (Illustrator), Nancy Van Laan (Adapter)
Hardcover, 31 pages
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A retelling of the Chibcha Indian legend about how the treasure of El Dorado came to be.

El Dorado conjures up images of dazzling wealth, of jeweled kingdoms, of a mighty king, his body covered in gold.  Bu what is the real story that inspired such visions, sending generations of men into the Amazon jungles in search of gold?

Through paintings filled with vibrant color and exquisite detail, Beatriz Vidal gives us her own version of this most spellbinding of Latin American legends--one that has fascinated her since childhood.  Collaborating for the first time since Rainbow Crow, she and author Nancy Van Laan have created a rare picture book of haunting beauty.

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