Legend Led

Legend Led

Golden Inheritance Series #4
by Amy Le Feuvre
Trade Paperback, 138 pages
Price: $8.95

Then Victor spoke, and he appeared perfectly indifferent to those audacious speeches, for his voice was quiet and even, "Now look here, boys. I dare say you're enjoying your game, but it must come to an end. I give you five minutes to think it over. If you choose to come down and unlock this door at the end of that time, and apologize for your behavior, I will say no more about it. If you still refuse, you have only severe punishment in store for you. Take your choice. I shall say no more."

Victor then sat down very coolly on the low stone balustrade, and taking Gypsy on his knee drew out his watch.

This high-handed proceeding rather disconcerted the "rebels." They drew in their heads and consulted together in low whispers, "What do you think he'll do?"

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