The Origins & Consequences of Being Left-Handed

by Jack Fincher
Publisher: Barnes & Noble
1993 reprint, ©1977, ISBN: 9780880299466
Hardcover, 221 pages
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What minority group claims Jack the Ripper, Leonardo da Vinci, the Boston Strangler and Marilyn Monroe among its members? Lefties--one of the largest minority groups in the land. For every lefty tired of living in a right-handed world, this witty and wise guide to the facts and findings, legend and lore of the so-called "sinister people" is a welcome bookshelf addition.

From handshakes to school desks and scissors to baseball mitts, every lefty knows the world is geared toward the right-handed. What most southpaws don't know, however, about their own uniqueness is covered in these pages. Why is there this enduring disparity in human-handedness? For what reason has history so preferred our right and singled out our left for such unrelenting infamy? If, as Plato concluded, there is nothing natural about it, how are we to explain such a persisting and curious phenomenon? The perfect gift for the Lefty in your life.

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