Learning with the Movies

Learning with the Movies

A Guide for Education and Fun

by Beth Holland
Publisher: Bread For Life
Spiralbound, 174 pages
List Price: $25.00 Our Price: $17.50

"Learning with the Movies is an exceptionally informative and concise guide for using movies as a supplementary educational tool. Categorization and cross referencing make it user-friendly, and the printed format is easy to read with plenty of space to make notes. Annotations are brief and descriptive without unnecessary detail or giving away the story. In my opinion, the greatest strength of the book is Holland 's insight into the quality of a film, not only for its content and educational relevance but the work's integration of music, dance, costuming and visual effects that enhance the movie's appeal and application. Although this book is clearly an ideal tool for home schoolers, this is an outstanding resource for anyone seeking to utilize film media for instructional purposes." —Dr. Stephanie Tingler,
Associate Professor, School of Music, University of Georgia

Contents of the Book:

The categories Learning with the Movies covers are: Bible Times; Ancient Egypt; Ancient Greece; Ancient Rome; Mayans; Vikings; Middle Ages; Renaissance; Reformation; 1600s; 1700s: America, Europe; 1800s: West, East, Europe, World, Civil War; 1900s (General), World, World War I, World War II: South Pacific, Europe, Other Theatres of War, The Home Front; Korean War; Vietnam; Music/Arts; Biographies; Family Films; Sports; Science/Nature; Horses; Medicine; Literature; Holidays.

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