Learning Through Sounds 1

Learning Through Sounds 1

by Pathway
Publisher: Pathway Publishers
©1975, Item: 1382
Consumable Workbook, 80 pages
Price: $3.50

Learning Through Sounds 1 introduces the short vowel and single consonant sounds. It is also for the first weeks in school, and has eight pages of readiness work before any letters are introduced.

This workbook has been prepared especially for first graders in Amish parochial schools. Pictures have been carefully chosen to be of objects the average Amish child is familiar with. Not only was the book prepared with the children in mind, their teacher was also considered. Though children need a certain amount of teacher help to master the skill of sounding out words, this workbook has been designed so that the children will soon be able to work without much teacher assistance.

You will notice there are no instructions included with the exercises in this book. You will find detailed instructions, plus a wealth of supplementary exercises in the Learning Through Sounds Teacher Edition. We would like to encourage teachers to follow the instructions given in the manual, then let their own imagination and that of the children lead them in deeper and more detailed lessons in phonics.

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