Learning Language Arts Through Literature - World Literature

Learning Language Arts Through Literature - World Literature

Gold Level

by Debbie Strayer, Tim Nichols
Publisher: Common Sense Press
3rd Edition, ©2015, ISBN: 9781929683345
Consumable Workbook, 230 pages
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The 3rd Edition Learning Language Arts Through Literature - The Gold Book - World Literature offers instructions and directions for student and teacher. Now the answers are in the Teacher Section along with novel summaries, answers, and more helps making this edition easier than ever to use!

The Gold Book - World Literature and its companion, A World Literature Anthology, are complete curricula for high school world literature language arts. Carefully selected poems, short stories, novels, and other writings from long ago and far away are included to represent as many different cultures as possible. Using A World Literature Anthology published by Common Sense Press, students will read several works in their entirety as well as excerpts from many others. A necessary component to The Gold Book - World Literature, A World Literature Anthology is also a valuable tool for any world history course.

The Gold Book series is designed to encourage the high school student's ability to interpret and access literary meaning in terms of content and philosophy and clearly state a position in response.

The 3rd edition Learning Language Arts Through Literature - The Gold Book - World offers easy-to-use instructions for student and teacher.  Novel summaries, answers, and more helps are in the Teacher Section in the back of the book.

In The Gold Book - World Literature you will find:
Unit 1 - Early Literature
Unit 2 - Epic Poetry
Unit 3 - Medieval-Renaissance
Unit 4 - Enlightenment-Romanticism
Unit 5 - 20th Century

Ancient Literature Study introduces the student to world literature through the earliest recorded writings, many of which began as oral tradition. These include fables, myths, fairytales, folktales, and parables as well as poetry and sacred texts of ancient cultures.

Epic Study introduces the student to heroic stories from seven different cultures spanning hundreds of years. Students will be able to identify the elements that make up epic literature and will apply this knowledge to writing their own epic stories. Guided by thought-provoking questions, the student will compare and contrast these epics by analyzing characters and identifying qualities valued by each culture. 

Novel Study takes an in-depth look at three classic works of literature from ancient times to modern. The student will learn to interpret literature and formulate an opinion of each novel. In addition to reading these full length books, students will be introduced to many books through an "over-view" of the work giving a broad foundation from which to expand their learning.

Poetry Study includes the poetry of ancient Greece and Rome, poetry from Egypt, Japan, China, the Middle East, and the European sonnet. Students will thoroughly review meter, rhyme scheme, and literary terms.

Play Study leads the student in reading two full length plays - Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and a comedy of manners play, "The Importance of Being Earnest."

Short Stories Study allows the student to explore plot lines, characters, settings, and themes of nine short stories from France, America, England, Russia, Canada, and New Zealand. Students will be given the opportunity to write a summary detailing what they have read.

Teacher's Guide and Answers are located in the back of the book.


To complete the assignments in this manual, the student will need the following books:

A World Literature Anthology. Common Sense Press. 978-1-929683-34-5
The Odyssey - Homer. Barnes & Noble Classics. 978-1-59308-009-9
No Fear Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare, William. Spark Publishing. 978-1-58663-845-0
The Little Prince - de Saint-Exupéry, Antoine. Mariner Books. 978-0-15-601219-5
Cry, the Beloved Country - Paton, Alan. Scribner. 978-0-7432-6217-0

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