Learning Language Arts Through Literature - 3rd Grade Teacher Book (old)

Learning Language Arts Through Literature - 3rd Grade Teacher Book (old)

Yellow Level

by Debbie Strayer, Susan Simpson
Publisher: Common Sense Press
2nd Edition, ©1998, ISBN: 9781929683222
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 297 pages
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The broad range of language arts skills at this level include grammar, composition, cursive handwriting, spelling, listening, oral presentation, dictionary skills, and critical thinking.

Throughout the book, there are four "Literature Links." With these, you may read the recommended novel and work with the questions and activities that are meant to go with it, or you may read an alternative passage included within the text, and use the questions that go with that section. Also included in the Student Activity Book are extra enrichment activities—like projects, word puzzles and analogies—that can be used for challenge or enrichment.

Literature used in this book (in order):

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