Leading Little Ones to God

Leading Little Ones to God

A Child's Book of Bible Teachings

by Marian M. Schoolland, Paul Stoub (Illustrator)
Publisher: Eerdmans
Trade Paperback, 173 pages
Price: $20.00
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Children need to be taught about God from the earliest age. This now-classic introduction for very young children presents the basic doctrines concerning the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the work of Christ,the Church, and the Second Coming. Fourteen sections each dealing with a particular doctrine are further divided into 86 short chapters to be read aloud by parents.

Each lesson is followed by a verse from a famous hymn, a prayer relating to the text, and suggested Bible reading. There are also discussion questions and memory verses to further cement concepts in kids' minds. While the format is similar to a devotional, you could just as easily use this as a Bible textbook for the early years.

Marian Schoolland writes in a way children can comprehend without dumbing down the content. While Leading Little Ones to God definitely presents Protestant doctrine, beyond that it is non-denominational, assuming only those positions held by the entire Evangelical community. Also bear in mind this is for young kids (4-7 years old), and these topics will need to be discussed furtherlater.

Overall, this is an excellent introduction for young children. Despite its title, the purpose is not primarily evangelistic. Rather, it is to give kids an understanding of God, His attributes, and our relationship to Him that is foundational to a lifetime of study and growth. While the full-color illustrations and engaging text are fun, these are only secondary concerns compared to the business of passing our beliefs to our children, a business this book capably aids.

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