Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia

Sterling Point Books
by Alistair MacLean
Trade Paperback, 163 pages
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Colorful characters, a larger-than-life hero, stirring battles, death-defying desert treks, and an adventure rich in mystery and romance, are all depicted by a great writer. That and more is what readers will find in this spellbinding biography of Lawrence of Arabia that is impossible to put down. Bestselling author and screenwriter Alistair MacLean follows Lawrence as he breaks with tradition to live with Arabs and, using modern-day guerrilla tactics, helps them defeat the Turks and gain an independent state. In addition to the enthralling details of the campaign, MacLean provides valuable insight into the origins of the Middle East we know today.

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FLAWS: Violence and fighting
Summary: A famous adventure writer traces the exploits of the great, enigmatic warrior-scholar, Lawrence of Arabia.

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