The Classic Blueprint For a Just Society

by Frederic Bastiat
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2nd Edition, ©1998, ISBN: 9781441404237
Mass market paperback, 79 pages
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Statesman, essayist and economist, Frederic Bastiat was a renowned champion of individual freedom. The Law, first published in 1850, is Bastiat's most famous and enduring work.

The Law has been acclaimed for more than a century as the classic moral defense of liberty and limited government. Here is a timeless message of immutable principle—in the immortal words of one of history's most courageous thinkers and brilliant writers.

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  Amazing Book Supporting Limited Government
TammyA of Oregon, 6/3/2011
Frederic Bastiat was born in France in 1801 and died in 1850. He wrote "The Law" in anticipation of his death from turberculosis.

I'm thankful he did as he had a lot to say before he left this earth having personally witnessed the demise of one style of totalitarian government (Napoleonic dictatorship) only to see the rise of another.

Mr. Bastiat does not pull his punches (nor his firm logic) as he attacks the more subtle but equally insidious style of dictatorship empowered by "the will of the people" which goes under the name of socialism and masquerades itself through "philanthropic tyranny" and "legal plunder."

It is truly an amazing book illustrating carefully the solid reasons for limited government and individual God-given rights while yet recognizing the limitation of the human condition.

I kept looking back at the copyright date to assure myself that this was not a modern author, the work is that timely.

I highly recommend it as a relatively easy and short read for those who would like to understand the concepts better of the purpose for government and the law.

Highly recommended read for policy debate students.