Laura Ingalls Wilder - Audio Book

Laura Ingalls Wilder - Audio Book

A Storybook Life

Heroes of History
by Janet Benge, Geoff Benge
Publisher: Emerald Books
Audio CD
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Laura stared at the black cloud blotting out the sun. The cloud was unlike anything she had ever seen. As it got closer, it made a strange noise, like hail pelting the ground. Suddenly the sky began to rain grasshoppers. The bugs clung to Laura's hair and clothes and peered at her with bulging eyes. Soon they began to destroy Pa's crop.

From the big woods of Wisconsin to the Indian country of the Great Plains, new adventures and landscapes filled the rich childhood of Laura Ingalls Wilder. On a frontier steeped in both danger and great possibility, Laura would grow up to witness firsthand the rapid transformation of the West as pioneers and covered wagons gave way to farms, towns, and railroads.

A pioneer, teacher, farmer's wife, and storyteller, Laura Ingalls Wilder experienced one of the most exciting times in American history - history that this gifted writer brought to life for millions and preserved for generations to come (1867-1957).

Audio book: CD format (5 CDs)
Running Time: 5:00 hours
Read by: Rebecca Gallagher
Ages: 10+

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