Latina Christiana Grammar Charts

Latina Christiana Grammar Charts

by Leigh Lowe, Cheryl Lowe
Publisher: Memoria Press
©2009, Item: 26787
Price: $20.00

Need a large, neat visual reference for your Latin scholars while they memorize, recite, and drill? Now you can have the charts that the Lowes use in their school! These Latin grammar charts present the grammar systems taught in Latina Christiana I and II. These posters are professionally printed in color. They are a HUGE aid for those trying to master the Latin grammar. Great for home or classrooms!

Includes 6 posters covering:

  • All 5 Declension endings
  • All 5 Declension model nouns
  • 1-4 Conjugation endings, 3 tenses
  • 1-4 Conjugation model verbs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there separate charts for Latina Christiana I and Latina Christiana II within the set?

Yes, however the LC II charts have all of the grammar from the LC I charts as well. Since it is often confusing for LC I students to see all of the grammmar from LC II, you will want to only display the LC I charts to the LC I students to provide an easy reference to the specific grammar forms your students are studying.

If you will have students in the same classroom at multiple levels, all of the grammar charts may be displayed to provide a grammar form reference for all of your students.

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