Latin Primer 1 - Teacher's Edition

Latin Primer 1 - Teacher's Edition

by Martha Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press
Trade Paperback, 360 pages
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Over half of the English language is derived from Latin.

amateur -amo, I love
Montana -mons, mountain
patriot -patria, native land
spectacular -specto, I look at
mural -murus, wall

These and thousands of other words we use every day keep this "dead" language--a language of kings and poets, of scrolls and secrets--alive. And this means that when we study Latin, we're not just learning about Rome--we're learning about ourselves. Rediscover this time-honored language, which led classical education pioneer Dorothy Sayers to declare that "Latin should be begun as early as possible ... when the chanting of "Amo, amas, amat" is as ritually agreeable to the feelings as the chanting of "eeny, meeny, miney, moe."

InLatin Primer 1Martha Wilson equips elementary school students (grades 3 and up) with a solid foundation in classical Latin. Newly revised and expanded, this text covers the very basics: vocabulary for everyday concepts like farming, sailing, the human body, constellations, and family; verb and noun endings; and other beginning grammar concepts.

Those of you familiar with the older editions ofLatin Primer 1are probably wondering what's different about these new editions.

To begin, the content and teaching approach of this third edition isfundamentally the same as before. Canon has added additional exercises, moved some of the vocabulary around, etc., but these new editions won't force teachers or parents to struggle through a long period of adjustment. If anything, this new edition will bemuch, much easierto use.

Why is that? Well, actually, there are several reasons.Click here to read them on the Canon Press blog.

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