Latin for Children Primer B - DVD Set (old)

Latin for Children Primer B - DVD Set (old)

by Aaron Larsen, Dr. Christopher A. Perrin
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Imagine having an experienced Latin teacher walk right into your home and sit down to teach your students.With this DVD set, your students will be receiving just that kind of one-on-one learning experience. They will love learning with author Dr. Christopher Perrin and his Latin students on the Latin for Children, B DVD set.Clear, whiteboard grammar lessons are given by Dr. Perrin from his cozy office, and the student-led Memory Page, is chanted complete with motions and songs.Pronunciation will become a breeze and don’t be surprised to hear even your youngest children picking up the catchy chants and songs.Each lesson corresponds to the weekly chapter in the Primer, and features the chanting and singing of vocabulary and paradigms along with clear grammatical explanations by Dr. Perrin. The actual text from the book appears on the screen as the material is presented, making it easy to follow along.

The LFC B DVD is entirely filmed in both classical and ecclesiastical pronunciation. Choose the best for your classroom and family.

Latin for Children B DVD & Chant CD Features:

  • 2DVDs & 2 Audio CDs
  • Chapter by chapter (32 chapters) guidance and teaching.
  • Audio Chant CDs includecomplete grammar and vocabulary chants covering all 240 wordsin both classical & ecclesiastical pronunciations.

What is a Chant CD?

The chant CD, included with all three DVDsets (Primer A, B, &C), is an audio CD that containsDr. Perrin and his students pronouncing and rhythmically repeating each grammar chart and vocabulary word in the Primer, firsttheLatin, then the English equivalent. It is an incredible tool to use for fun memorization. Take it anywhere you go!


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